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Mragowo is for everyone. If you need attractions and laughter, which some people call health, you may be given those by Mragowo's Mazury Cabaret Night. After a dose of laughter it is time for country music which both Mazury and Mragowo are famous for. Polish cowboys arrive into the town's borders in the last weekend of July. All country music fans from Poland wait for this exceptional mixture of music impressions year by year. Visit also Western City - the new attraction of Mrągowo!


Some people whose hearts and souls are tightly connected to Poland and Polish Mazury come here to spend a little, sentimental while. The Festival of Borderland Culture is held in Mragowo in August. This is a festival of patriotism and beautiful music. Borderland people really have a liking for Mragowo. The latest attraction in Mragowo Commune is Cztery Wiatry Hill. A skier has a real paradise there. After a tiring day spent on skiing, you can visit many bars and restaurants serving regional dishes and find lodging in the beautiful Mazury town.


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